Meeting Someone After a Breakup: A Guide on How to Do it

Meeting Someone After a Breakup

First of all, congratulations on getting past this painful and confusing situation. I assume you’ve already worked through the heartbreaking situation and are ready to meet someone new.  Breaking up with someone can be tough, but getting back out there and meeting new people can be equally daunting. It’s like jumping into a pool after … Read more

15 Tips When Dating Someone New To Get Things Heated Up!

15 Valuable Tips When Dating Someone New

Dating someone new can be exciting. Talk about the butterflies fluttering in your stomach, texts that make you smile, engaging dates you probably want to span on for decades, and you two blustering with so much energy that you cannot wait to see them again.  However, since it’s not expected that the bubble lasts forever, … Read more

Fourth Date Tips: Take it to The Next Level!

Fourth Date Tips

You’ve already gone through the first three dates. Look at you. You’re on fire! You’re one step closer to finding a potential partner. So, congratulations! Most people don’t get this far. Now, what next? By the third date, you know each other better and have reached a certain level of comfort to discuss some serious … Read more

Dating Someone the Same Age as You: Pros and Cons

Dating Someone the Same Age as You

“Age is just a number.” Does this phrase sound familiar? I Bet it does. When it comes to dating, this phrase means that a person’s age is not the most important factor in determining whether you should date someone. Often, people use it to encourage others to date regardless of age (well, if they’re of … Read more

Dating During Twin Flame Separation – Reasons And Tips

Dating During Twin Flame Separation

If you’ve met your twin flame, you already know how intense the connection can be. We can describe twin relationships as intense and life-changing. They are like a journey to a spiritual awakening because they’re about spiritual growth. However, like other relationships, twin flame relationships can be confusing and challenging. As a result, they can … Read more

Tips for Dating In Your 50s – Mature Dating Hacks

Tips for Dating In Your 50s

Compared to your 20s or 30s, dating in your 50s comes with a lot of doubts and insecurities. For one, you’re probably scared of stepping into the dating world after a long time, or you feel there’s no one out there for you, so you give up on the prospect of finding someone. Alongside this … Read more

Casual Dating Expectations: Are You On the Same Page?

Casual Dating Expectations Vs. Reality

There is no fixed rule for casual dating. Those involved come up with the rules that govern their relationship. As such, every casual relationship has a different dynamic, but there are overall expectations in every casual relationship and casual dating in general.  These expectations are common and known to the outside world as the cornerstones … Read more

Dating Expectations in Your 30s Vs The Reality

Dating Expectations in Your 30s Vs. The Reality

If you ask an adult in their 30s about their dating expectations, they are different from those of an adult in their 20s.  As you grow, priorities change and life happens, which affects your expectations in general. There’s also the aspect that you don’t have so much time on your hands, which affects the decisions … Read more

Tips for Meeting Someone you Met Online

Tips for Meeting Someone you Met Online

Congratulations! Navigating from attracting a match to engaging with them until they are interested in meeting in person is a huge milestone! Now that you’re planning a physical meeting, you want to make it as successful as your first stage.  And this article will dish out all the tips you need when meeting someone you … Read more