Dating vs Seeing Someone: Understanding the Difference

Dating vs. Seeing Someone

Dating and seeing someone are terms that are often confused to mean the same thing. But how different are they?  The nature of dating is evolving, and it can be hard to tell what is dating and what is seeing someone. This is exactly what we will cover to help you understand the key differences.  … Read more

Is Speed Dating Still A Thing?

Is Speed Dating Still A Thing?

While speed dating has been around for decades, it’s becoming increasingly popular again. There are now hundreds of thousands of people participating in speed dating events every month as it’s an easy and fun way to meet new people with very little commitment.  Although it’s not always effective, in fact, most people who go on … Read more

Dating Stage Meaning (Each Stage And What They Mean)

dating stage meaning

Whenever you start seeing someone, the early stages of your dating can be a confusing experience that is prone to over-analysis and quite often…uncertainty.  You might find yourself wondering: “we’ve been dating, but where exactly do I stand in the dating stage?“ When it comes to dating, it isn’t a one size fits all kind … Read more

Dating vs. Hanging Out: Figuring Out The Difference

Dating vs Hanging Out

You like this person and have been engaging in different activities together. You study together, you exercise together, you go out for coffee together and maybe even cook together.  You find excuses to call or text them, find reasons to hang out. What do you call this between you two? Dating or hanging out? Do … Read more

Officially Dating Meaning: What It Really Means To Be “Official” 


Dating is ever-changing and tricky, and sometimes the language surrounding it can be outright confusing. With terms like ‘ghosting’ and ‘cat-fishing’ becoming understood quite well by the masses, one might assume there would be more clarity around the meaning of “we’re officially dating.” Is it like being in a relationship? Is it exclusive? Can you … Read more

Emotional Boundaries In Dating: What Are They And How To Set Them?

Emotional Boundaries In Dating

How do you protect your emotions from being taken advantage of? Setting healthy emotional boundaries in dating is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits you create for yourself regarding your comfort level around people. They are drawn from a mix of past experiences, core beliefs, opinions, … Read more