What To Text A Guy After A First Date?

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What To Text A Guy After A First Date

Your first date is over, and all kinds of questions linger on your mind. Will he text me back? Did he think the first date was good? Did I give a good impression? Or what should I text him after our first date? We’ve all been there.

After a day spent strolling in the park, exchanging looks and clinking champagne glasses together while you spend time with one another, it’s always common to wonder about the appropriate follow-up. I know this is so common, especially if it went well and you hope this could be the start of your new love flame.

8 Tips of what to text him after your first date

One thing that many women often grapple with is what to text their guy after the first date. Will my text be okay? Is this the right message? The right topic? What is normal communication after a first date? 

All these can run through your mind. However, with the right methodology, this should be no problem at all. So if you’re wondering what to text, the following will get your texting game on track.

1. Ask if he’s arrived back safely

Example: “Hey.  Did you make it home safely?”

From my own point of view, this should be a no-brainer. It shows your care and concern. First dates are all about making impressions (not just physical impressions), not only during the date but also immediately after. Show him you care and make him more open to you.

This is also especially important especially if your date traveled a long way to see you and he is on his way back. I’d definitely feel good too if a stranger I just met on a date texted me to know if I had arrived back safely!

2. Just say hi and ask how his day has been

say hi and ask how his day has been

Example: “Just wanted to say hi and see how your day is going”

This is your second, third day after your date. Well, I know this is a standard text that we all use. I’ve sent this text many times in the past few days before I wrote this post. I am sure you have as well. However, despite this being so common, using this after your first date shows your concern and also brings out your interest.

This is also a perfect starter for any conversation afterward. This should be a no-brainer for anyone. You can then follow up with other topics and discussions that you’d like later. Ask him how his day has been, and he’ll open up. You can also mention how your day has been and then blah blah … You know what I’m getting to here.

3. Mention how much fun you had

Example: “Today was so fun. We should do something again soon!”

Do you want to know how your date felt without explicitly asking him? This is your go-to text. Personally, I think this is ideal if you want to give your date the chance to express themselves if they are interested in taking it further or not.

Here you get feedback on how your date went. This gives you the ability to know if you are both on the same page or not

4. Give him an ego stroke

Give him an ego stroke
The girl complimenting the guy through text.

Example: “I can’t believe that you are XYZ. That is so cool”

It’s no secret that men love it when you stroke their egos. I am sure that you know that as well. Wink!

I’m also sure that as you both get to know each other during your date, he will reveal some of his accomplishments, successes, and things that he is really proud of.

Mention that and show him how impressed you are. Do you remember how a good compliment makes you feel? You probably get a small burst of warmth, and you get to think so highly of yourself. You’re not alone. Everyone does too. Everyone loves a good compliment

5. Bring out your hobbies

Example: “You mentioned that you like skiing. Can we go skiing at XYZ later this week?”

Do you want some follow-up after your date? Keeping contact with him after your date is ideal for keeping it going. Am sure during your date, your guy will probably mention some hobbies that he’s interested in. Keep notice of this.

Bring it later on in your conversations. Just make sure that it’s something that he loves.

Many men love the feeling of being in charge. You can coyly give him the opportunity for him to teach you about his hobby while you slightly stroke his ego. Wink!

6. Bring up high points from your date

Example: “I really loved the movie last evening! That’s my favorite movie. I can’t believe that we share so much in common.”

If your date was lots of fun, then you can bring up high points from your date – one where both of you couldn’t stop giggling. This will bring back his memories of how well the date went and will make him considerate for more dates afterwards.

Do you remember the joke that he cracked up that you couldn’t stop laughing? Bring it up.

Do you remember the favorite movie that he mentioned that he liked? Bring it up. Make him know how much you enjoyed the date.

7. Coyly mention when you are next free

mention when you are next free

Example: “The weekend is finally here but I’ve got nothing going for the moment”

Do you want to test the waters and know how he is feeling? I know sometimes guys are not crystal clear.

Caution: Make sure not to appear needy. Don’t be so direct – but also don’t fail to give him the opportunity. The goal here is to let him take charge. If he wants to see you again, appearing too occupied may make you look disinterested and he may look away.

Casually mention a time that you are free – not too soon but not far off either. Just wait for some time, then send him a basic text that you have nothing going on at the moment and if he has any ideas.

Then just sit back and wait for him to take your bait.

8. Keep it positive

Example: “I just went to see XYZ perform tonight. It was so much fun. Just like the concert we went to last time!”

No one loves someone that’s negative. Someone that’s always talking about the sad things that are happening to them or always complaining about the negativity around is a no-no for most people.  I’d probably feel drained as well if I spent most of my time conversing with such a person.

Do you want to seem like an interesting conversationalist? Bring out the positivity in your conversations.

Share something positive that recently happened to you and try to tie it to your date. For example, if you recently went to a concert that you really liked and you also went to see your favorite band during the date, then bring it up.

9. Keep it honest

Example: “I really loved the time we spent together last night, but I am not really feeling the chemistry between us two,” or,” I had such a great time with you last night. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you next time.”

We all go on dates to see if we are a good match with the person we are going on a date with. Sometimes you will get that person that you click with, and sometimes you don’t.

It’s good to be honest and tell him how exactly you feel about him. Don’t ghost him if you thought there wasn’t chemistry between both of you. You clearly wouldn’t want that done to you, and I’m sure no one wants that.

Be upfront. However, if you thought both of you were a great match, then be upfront about it as well.

Keep it honest

Funny things to text after a first date

Humor is sexy. I am sure that you don’t want to come across as boring, do you? Keep your text conversations fun by texting the following after your first date.

Sample one: Autocorrect pretends

You: Our date went so well! I loved the barfbag of flowers that you gave me.

Him: ?? barfbag

You: Sorry I meant bouquet lol. My autocorrect is always messing up my texts. I’m gonna get rid of it one day. 

Sample two: You: You’re sweeter than 3.14

Him: How sweet is 3.14. lol. I’m spinning my head on this 

This is just a sample of what you could text. Obviously I don’t mean that you directly take this and paste it into every conversation regardless of the context. That would only get you so many awkward moments.

Just use your creativity and try to add some humor in your texts and keep him giggling. 

What to do after a first date with a guy

He’s dropped you off at your house and you’ve both said bye. He gave you a passionate kiss, the conversation was easy and he made you laugh. This is a guy that you are really excited about.

Am sure you want to keep him interested, right? What should you do? Should you mention how eager you are to see him again? Won’t that make you seem too available? Too eager, maybe?

As I have mentioned above, having a good follow-up after a date is very important. Mention events that you think he is interested in that you think he’d want to go to. Suggest a second date and keep it fun between yourselves in your conversations. Bring out your common interests, build his anticipation – be flirty- and don’t let it get boring.

However, if you are not into each other, bring it out and let him know.

Flirty texts after a first date? Check these out

Sending flirty text after a date
Sending flirty text after a date.

Flirting, you’ve done it before. We’ve all one it. For us ladies, it’s our go-to manual when we really want to take things up to something, but at the same time, we can’t be too direct about it.

Flirt with him during the date as well as text after the date. Examples?

  • Are you free this Friday night? I have an idea…
  • I really didn’t want it to end so abruptly last night…
  • I am already looking forward to our next date…
  • You mentioned that you love yoga. Maybe next time we can do yoga together?


First dates are mostly fun, but they can also be nerve-wracking and sometimes even awkward – sometimes, you may not know what to do afterward. 

Anxiety sometimes kicks in, but you don’t have to be anxious. Just make sure to have an appropriate follow-up, keep it fun and wait and see where it all leads to.

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