Serious Dating: Meaning and Signs

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Serious Dating Meaning and Signs

Are you feeling an undeniably strong connection with your date? It’s high time you guys gave serious dating a try and revisited your boundaries to alter some of your ground rules.

You might have heard that serious dating is overrated, but that’s because most people are scared of it. They fail to understand the concept of serious dating. 

Serious dating may seem complicated, but we are here to guide you. Tighten your seatbelts so you can start enjoying the roller coaster ride of serious dating.

What Do You Mean by Serious Dating?

Serious dating means a solid relationship where you have a true bond with your partner made out of love. It is safe to say that serious dating only exists between a couple who are madly in love with each other.

When you and your partner have a serious relationship, you develop strong feelings for each other. 

You no longer care about materialistic things like how much money someone has or how big their house is. Nor do you give much thought to their growing age or changing appearances. 

Serious dating is based on a soul-to-soul connection. It focuses on how strongly you are connected or how committed you are to your partner.

What’s the Difference Between Casual Dating And Serious Dating?

Casual dating is very different from serious dating because it lacks a strong love connection and soulful commitment.

A couple having fun dating in front of a bonfire
A couple having fun dating in front of a bonfire

When you’re invested in a serious dating relationship, you:

  • commit to a single person.
  • Make them your priority. 
  • Treasure every moment spent with them.
  • Notice little things about them.
  • Share all your feelings with them.
  • Introduce them to your inner circle.
  • Hope to stay together.

On the contrary, a casual fling doesn’t come with any commitment rules . You can go out with as many people as you like and date whomever you want. Plus, you don’t have to be available all the time, and you don’t have to explain yourself.

Most people like casual dating because they can’t find the strength and time to invest in serious dating.

Brad Pitt explains the meaning of “serious dating” very beautifully by saying:

“I think, for me, it’s just that the road is long, and it’s worth fighting for. The dividends worth fighting for instead of jumping ship [are] more profound than any beginning, any kind of new romance.”

How Long Is Dating Serious?

From 1 to 5 years, or maybe sometimes even a lifetime, that’s how long serious dating lasts. Serious dating can be as long as you want it to be, as long as both of you feel the same attraction towards one another.

A majority of people spend 3 to 5 years in serious relationships before they move on to the next chapter of life. It can be either a breakup or a marriage. Marriage requires much more than just a verbal commitment.

According to a survey by ScienceDaily, it showed that romance could stick around in a serious long-term relationship. It doesn’t always fade away with time.

How Do You Know If Your Dating Is Serious?

How Do You Know If Your Dating Is Serious
How Do You Know If Your Dating Is Serious

If you are having a hard time finding out the difference between casual dating and serious dating, start counting the little gestures of love. These love gestures can be major signs that your “dating” is serious.

Here are six love signs to confirm that you are in a serious dating relationship.

You drop the formalities.

When you are in a serious relationship, you are not afraid to show your true self. You feel it is okay to be your usual self in front of your partner and drop the formalities. 

You don’t have to put on makeup or change into the most elegant dress in your wardrobe. Nor do you have to mask your true self or your surroundings as something fancy. You can even be in your night pajamas with your hair tied up in a messy bun, and you will still be the most beautiful person to them.

You share everything.

In a serious relationship, you don’t hide things. Instead, you share… from food to passwords, from fears to problems, and from cries to smiles. You don’t hesitate to share your true emotions with your partner.

No matter if you are happy or sad, scared or in huge debt, you can tell your partner and count on them to make you feel better. It feels good, as George Clooney puts it,

“I have someone who I can talk to about anything and someone who I care about more than I’ve cared about anything. It’s nice.”

You are each other’s priority.

When you start choosing that one person for everything and you always want to be with them, it’s a definite sign that you are in a serious dating relationship. You can’t shake the thought, and you always want them to be around you. Being with them not only feels good, but it starts to feel natural.

You prioritize your partner and value their existence over everything else. You prefer solving the problems and taking responsibility instead of blaming each other for your problems.

You can openly talk about your feelings.

Dating couple openly sharing their feelings with each other
Dating couple openly sharing their feelings with each other

A serious relationship demands love and attention to detail to develop a strong connection. When you are serious about your partner, you trust them with all your heart. So, you can openly talk about all your feelings without thinking that you are being too clingy.

You just put your ego aside, let down your guard and unwrap your thoughts. You trust them blindly to share even the deepest secrets of your heart without worrying that they might judge you.

You know each other’s families and friends.

It’s serious when you are comfortable meeting each other’s parents and you know all about their friends, enemies, and even frenemies. 

Being able to introduce your partner to your family is a perk only serious daters get to have.

You Start Planning Your Future Together.

Your relationship is serious when you start including your partner in every plan you make, consciously or subconsciously. You consider them an important part of your present as well as your future.

You plan your future together and can’t imagine a life without your partner.

What Does a Serious Relationship Mean to a Guy?

Serious dating means the same for guys as well. In every other serious relationship, what a partner needs from you is love, trust, and commitment. Like, texting him after your first date shows your commitment.

Guys may look tougher than girls, but in the end, they also need someone to hold on to. Guys are usually not super talkative, so they need a partner who makes them feel comfortable enough to talk. Someone they can trust and open up to.

When you are in a serious relationship with a guy, make sure you appreciate his efforts. Develop a strong bond with them and respect their choices. You should understand their perspective, and don’t forget to tell them how much they mean to you.

As Joe Manganiello says:

“When you find the one for you, you feel like they were put there for you. You never want to be apart.”

How Do You Know If a Guy Is Serious About You Through Text?

A guy texting his girlfriend about how his day went
A guy texting his girlfriend about how his day went

Here are six signs that will tell you whether the boy you are text-dating is serious about you or not.

He texts now and then to check up on you.

A guy who cares for you genuinely shows concern even when you are texting. If a guy is texting every day, it means he is showing interest and wants to take your relationship to the next level. 

He texts you all the details about his mid-day shenanigans.

When a guy is serious about you, he wants to be present in your life. Even if he’s out and about, he shows his presence by texting you his whereabouts and every other small detail of his day.

He greets you with a morning text every day.

If you are in a serious dating relationship with a guy, you will always wake up to his cute “good morning” messages. He always makes sure you wake up to his morning greetings.

He never sleeps without bidding you good night.

You can count on your date to bid you sweet dreams every night. Serious dating a guy means you will never sleep without his cute goodnight messages.

He doesn’t shy away from texting you that he misses you.

A genuine guy who loves you and can’t stop thinking about you would never shy away from texting you to say that he misses you.

He never ignores your text, not even if he’s busy.

If a guy is serious about you, he will never ignore your texts. Even when your guy is busy, he will make time for you. He listens to you blabbing about your day and never belittles you.


That’s all you need to know about understanding serious dating meanings. It’s a long road filled with love and devotion. As long as you can commit to a single person without making it feel like a burden, serious dating can truly be the best life experience for you.

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