Pisces Love: 6 Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

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Pisces Love 6 Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

Trying to figure out if love is in the air? Well, what better place to look than to the stars to see if this Pisces is smitten? 

Our zodiac sign can tell us a lot about certain personality traits and qualities that we may have. But what can it tell us about how we love? 

Quite a lot, actually. 

If you’ve found yourself dating a Pisces man and want to know just exactly how he feels about you, then you’re in the right place. However, spoiler alert, Pisces are known for loving love, so it shouldn’t be hard to decipher if you’ve got one on your hands. 

Pisces have no problem with showing their love for someone—you’ve just got to know what to look out for. 

So, is he in love? Let’s check out 6 signs a Pisces man is in love with you. 

Pisces traits

As a water sign, Pisces is one of the most emotional and sensitive of the Zodiac signs. They tend to be creative, caring, and affectionate individuals. 

That is, basically, what many of us want from a partner. 


Pisces is known to be extremely in touch with their own and others’ emotions. Many Pisces are often empaths. 

Pisces tend to enjoy a lot of alone time, probably for this reason. They tend to feel emotions so strongly that they need to take time for themselves regularly to not let them overwhelm them. 


Big dreams, big love. Well, OK, I don’t think that’s actually a saying, but in Pisces’ case, it probably could be. Pisces is known to be a romantic dreamer. 

Being so sensitive to the world around them, Pisces tends to try to escape into fantasy or creativity. They also tend to be attracted to other idealists. 

A pisces man singing a song for his girlfriend
A pisces man singing a song for his girlfriend


Pisces are hopeless romantics (I know that’s a cliché), which means that they really love being in love. 

That doesn’t, however, mean that it’s not genuine. They’re just more open to other people and tend to fall in love often. 

But don’t let that catch you off guard. When a Piscean falls in love, they fall hard. They will bring their passion to every corner of the relationship. If you’re looking for something hot and steamy, this water sign is likely to keep you pleased. 

6 Signs a Pisces man is in love with you

Now, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve probably gotten a better idea of what to look out for after knowing some of the most distinctive personality traits of a Pisces. 

But let’s get into some specific clues that will tell you right away if the Pisces you’ve been seeing has indeed fallen for you. 

He treats you like a queen

Get prepared to be lavished if you’ve found yourself loved by a Pisces. I know, it sounds terrible, right?

Pisces bring their passion to all aspects of the relationship, not just the physical. Expect a serious and meaningfully deep conversation paired with little surprises for you. 

These men tend to be super devoted when they’ve fallen for someone. So, expect him to go above and beyond to make you happy. 

He sees you as his muse

Every artist needs a muse. And if you’ve found yourself getting hot and heavy with a Pisces, then that muse is likely you. 

Pisces are extremely creative and imaginative. Whether an artist in the “traditional” sense or not, a Pisces man will likely see you as his inspiration. 

Sounds overwhelming? Well, we said Pisces are passionate. Their love can be intense, but it’s a genuine and beautiful thing. Tap into your inner Pisces and let the love flow over you. 

A pisces man treating his girlfriend as his muse
A pisces man treating his girlfriend as his muse

He seeks a deeper connection with you

Pisces isn’t about the superficial. Highly emotionally sensitive and with some difficulty adapting to this world’s harsh realities, they seek connection from those who surround them, especially from their love interest. 

If Pisces is falling for you, they will take the time to have deeper conversations and connect with you on an emotional and spiritual level. 

You won’t have to chase a Pisces down to talk with you if they’re interested. They’ll make themselves available to you for deeper connections. 

He’s there for you

This probably comes as no surprise by now, but a Pisces man will be available to you whenever. 

He will make time for you and you won’t have to guess if you’re an important part of his life. He’ll show you by being there when you need him. 

Whether you just got exciting news or have had a terrible day, a Pisces in love will be there to soothe you in any way he can. He’ll be sensitive to your feelings while trying to comfort you. 

He’s romantic and passionate

Pisces has a high reputation amongst the Zodiac signs for being an excellent lover. And with all the quality traits we’ve just learned about them, it’s no wonder!

Expect intense love if you’ve got yourself a Pisces. They won’t hold back on showing their feelings through little romantic gestures or passionate encounters. 

If you’ve found yourself a Pisces in love with you, enjoy the romance—you don’t get that intensity from every Zodiac sign. 

He wants to commit

While commitment tends to be a taboo subject to bring up in a modern dating world, a Pisces man will want to commit to someone they’re in love with. They have no problem settling down with someone. 

Freaking out about asking him to meet your family? Don’t be. A Pisces won’t be scared easily when in love. He’ll want to do anything to please you and show you how serious he is about you. 

Pisces tend to be extremely loyal once they do fall in love. They’ll let you know that they are there for you and want to commit to you and the blossoming relationship. 

What does a Pisces look for in a partner?

What does a Pisces look for in a partner
What does a Pisces look for in a partner

Let’s face it, if a Pisces is in love, you’ll likely be able to recognize it. Whether they show it via their actions, tell you, or do both, a Pisces man will likely be open about their love. 

But what exactly attracts a Pisces to a partner? You may have guessed it, but many of the same quality traits that they possess will draw them to someone as well. 

Empathy and compassion

That’s right, a Pisces is looking for an empathetic and compassionate partner. They’re seeking emotional intimacy, so yeah, expect that they want you to be in touch with your emotions, or at least willing to try to be. 

A Pisces craves a partner who is generous, empathetic, and compassionate. 

As many Pisces are empaths, he will also look for someone with a calm demeanor who has control over their emotions. The last thing a Pisces man wants is to come home to emotional turmoil and take on even more emotions after a long day of being around others. 

If you’re hoping to catch a Pisces, you’ll need to be highly emotionally sensitive and in control. 

Intellect and creativity

A Pisces man loves a creative woman. Artists welcome!

Pisces love an escape from the real world, so if they find a woman who is wildly imaginative and creative and who takes them away from reality, they’ll likely fall hard and fast. 

They are also looking for deeper connections. They want an interesting woman who is intellectual and constantly learning. This will keep them falling in love each time you share a new and revolutionary philosophical conversation or thought. 

If you can connect intellectually and bring some creativity to the relationship, you will have no problem attracting a Pisces man. 


This goes with intellect and creativity, but a Pisces man is attracted to curious people. Being intellectually and creatively curious are going to be huge turn-ons for a Pisces man. 

As we know, a Pisces man is attracted to more than just the physical. They’re passionate and romantic but also want a deeper connection. 

They have a curiosity about the world around them, especially other people. If you also share that curiosity, then you will likely hit it off with a Pisces. 

A pisces man showing his affection towards his girlfriend
A pisces man showing his affection towards his girlfriend


While we may not have come right out and said it, Pisces men will be extremely affectionate when in love. They’re looking for someone with whom to share that affection. 

If you stray from PDA or are uncomfortable being physically intimate with someone outside of the bedroom, then this will likely not be a match. 

Pisces ‘love to love’. They also love affection. They’re looking for a partner who shows their emotions through kisses, touches, strokes, and cuddling.

They like physical displays of affection. 

Honest and straightforward

This is where Pisces completely won me over. They are not into playing games when it comes to dating. And how refreshing. 

Don’t worry about texting back too soon with a Pisces man; they’ll likely appreciate the attention and their interest may waiver if you take too long. 

Pisces appreciate honesty and directness when it comes to their romantic relationships. Don’t be afraid, be honest about your feelings for a Pisces man right from the start. 

They will truly appreciate the sentiment. They will also find it extremely attractive as a mate. 

Who is Pisces’ ideal match?

OK, you’re convinced that if you haven’t already found yourself a Pisces in love, you want to. 

After all, it sounds like a pretty swoon-worthy relationship to be in. Who doesn’t want to get swept off their feet and fall into a passionate whirlwind of a romance?

Or maybe, after hearing all these details, you’ve firmly decided that this emotional and sensitive Zodiac sign is most definitely not a great match for you. No shame in that. 

So, technically, according to the stars and personality traits, who exactly is an ideal match for a Pisces?

Someone who encompasses the previous traits

Were you vigorously nodding along as we recounted compatible personality traits for a Pisces? Well, then you are most likely a great match!

Deep, emotional connection is imperative when dating a Pisces. If you are open to that kind of connection, then it could be for you. 

A pisces man looking happy spending time with his girlfriend
A pisces man looking happy spending time with his girlfriend

Pisces will look for someone with personality traits similar to their own: empathetic, passionate, creative, affectionate, honest, and intellectual. If you’ve got all or most of those traits, then it is likely that you could hit it off with a Pisces and spark a passionate romance. 

If, however, you were reading those traits and thought, “Nope, not me,” then keep moving. Let this water sign flow right past you in the dating world. You will likely not be a good match and could end up clashing quite a bit if you try to start any sort of romantic relationship. 

Water and Earth signs

Heading back to the astrological world of Zodiac signs, a Pisces will likely not hit it off with air and fire signs. 

However, water signs such as Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are likely to connect well together. Similar personality traits will allow them to connect easily with each other. Since they are all sensitive and emotional signs, they’ll probably understand each other on a deeper level. 

Earth signs would also fare by the side of a Pisces. Those include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Generally, earth signs tend to be calm and grounded. 

This calmness will attract a Pisces man. The balance between the two can make for a great match. Earth signs also tend to be extremely loyal in their relationships, an important quality that they share with the committed Pisces. 

Embrace the Pisces man’s passion

Who’s going to start narrowing down the dating pool to just Pisces after that convincing list? I’m in. If you’re into having a passionate, deep love affair (that’s likely to last), then be open to dating a Pisces. You’re sure to have some fun. 

But be willing to be there for them as well. Pisces wants a partner who is just as loyal and committed as they are. Remember, no playing games with this water sign. 

If you’re still unsure whether or not the Pisces man you’re seeing is in love with you, then I’m sorry to say this, but they likely aren’t falling for you. It won’t be hard to spot a Pisces in love. They ooze passion, affection, and emotions. They have no trouble being open with their feelings. 

And you can always ask Pisces what’s on their mind. They’ll appreciate the directness and will give you a straightforward answer. 

If you’ve struck gold and found this super romantic, passionate, and caring person in love with you, then be open to what the future may hold. It could be an epic romance. Or at the very least, it will be a passionate love affair. Either way, enjoy the Pisces love!

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