How to Know If a Military Guy Likes You?

How to Know If a Military Guy Likes You?

As difficult as dating is, it’s even harder to date a military guy. Since they are trained to mask their emotions, it’s almost impossible to figure out an army guy’s true feelings towards you.  So how do you know if a military guy likes you enough to possibly become “the one”? Keep reading ahead to … Read more

How Do Guys Feel When They Ghost You?

How Do Guys Feel When They Ghost You?

Ghosting has become such a normal occurrence in modern dating that it’s probably happened to all of us at least once. There’s something about so many of our interactions being through a screen that has led to the ghosting phenomenon.  A myriad of feelings that take place when we’re ghosted: sadness, anger, confusion, heartbreak, and … Read more

When A Guy Texts You Everyday, What Does That Mean?

when a guy texts you everyday what does that mean

It either means he likes you, is luring you to bed, or wants something from you. One thing is for sure…he has some kind of interest in you. Texts from a guy are not as straightforward as in-person chats. You can’t read his body language, tone, or emotions. If you are asking why would this … Read more

Dating Etiquette for Ladies: The Rules Of Modern Dating

Dating Etiquette for Ladies

Thanks to our parents and grandparents wanting more for us, the latest generations of Gen Z and Millennials are refusing to conform to anything – including dating rules. While this newfound freedom in the world of dating is exciting, it’s also extremely confusing.  Online dating apps have added a whole new facet to dating and … Read more

What To Text A Guy After A First Date?

What To Text A Guy After A First Date

Your first date is over, and all kinds of questions linger on your mind. Will he text me back? Did he think the first date was good? Did I give a good impression? Or what should I text him after our first date? We’ve all been there. After a day spent strolling in the park, … Read more

Why Men Ghost Women: 4 Reasons (And The One Big Reason)

Why Do Men Ghost Women

We’ve all been there. A few weeks of great conversation, maybe a date that actually went really well, and you were starting to think this one might be different. Then all of a sudden, BOO! He won’t reply. You’ve double or even triple-texted him, to no avail—all quiet on the lovelorn front. It stings like … Read more

Do Military Guys Move Fast in Relationships?

Do Military Guys Move Fast in Relationships

Are military men really faster at dating or relationships? If you’ve ever wondered why some military guys seem to get married or even engaged within days of meeting someone new, you might want to know the answer. Military men are known for their strong sense of duty and commitment. They also tend to be very … Read more